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We have a wealth of knowledge and experience within our team and love sharing information about our processes and stainless steel production, as well as insights that relate to the industries we work with.

General Purpose Wire

Aamor manufactures highest-quality Stainless Steel Wires for a very large variety of applications. Our wires offer an excellent workability for forming, bending or shaping into a very large variety of stainless steel products like Wall ties / Construction ties, Ribs, Balls, Lashings, Fishing hooks, Roofing hooks, Wire ropes, Scrubbers, Industrial Brushes, Braided hose, Spokes, Cut shots, Knitting, Wedging, Filters, Nails, Wire mesh, Fencing, Beer bottle locks, Pins, Staples and many many more. 

Aamor wires are processed under strict quality control with close adherence to the Cast, Helix, Wrap, Twist as well as Bend test of the wire.

Size Range – 0.80mm to 16.0mm (0.030 – 0.630 inches)