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spring wire

Spring Wire

Our spring wire exhibits excellent coiling-ability at high speeds resulting in less stress on coiling equipment, preserving equipment life, minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput and profits. Tensile strengths range from soft to ½, ¾ or Full Tempered “spring temper” condition. Available in grades 302, 304, 304H, 316, 631 etc. Size Range: 0.7mm – 10.0mm (0.028 – 0.400 inches)
epq wire

EPQ Wire

Our EPQ wire has a brilliant mirror-bright like surface resulting in a shining appearance when electro-polished after forming. Our wires offer an excellent workability for manufacturing of fabricated baskets, kitchen appliances and other formed parts when used in the food, medical, decorative and architectural sectors. Available in various grades like 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321 etc. Size Range: 1.8mm – 10.0mm (0.070 – 0.400 inches)
chq wire

CHQ Wire

Our CHQ wires are used in the manufacturing of fastening systems like rivets, fasteners, pins, screws, bolts and washers. Our wires offer superior metallurgical consistency which ensures peak performance under demanding conditions of heat & pressure. Available in grades 302HQ, XM7, 304HC, 305, 304, 316, 316L, 321, 410, 430, 431 etc. Size Range: 1.0mm – 10.0mm (0.040 – 0.400 inches)
exhaust wire

Exhaust Wire

Aamor Inox offers a wide range of wires for production of support parts for exhaust systems (exhaust hangers) in narrow range of mechanical & low strain hardening properties allowing easy bending of manufactured parts. Available grades are 304L, 430LNb (1.4511), 409Cb, 409CbNi, 409, 1.4509 etc Size Range: 5.0mm – 10.0mm (0.200 – 0.400 inches)
vineyard wire

Vineyard Wire

These wire is used in a growing variety of Agricultural & Farming wire applications like Vine trellising (Vineyards), Orchard bracing, Greenhouses, Poultry yards fencing etc. These wires offer a unique combination of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties like Breaking Loads of over 135 kg/mm² and Elongation with less than 3%. Size Range: 1.2mm – 3.0mm (0.045 – 0.120 inches)
conveyor wire

Conveyor Wire

Our Stainless Conveyor Wires are specifically customised to meet the demands of the conveyor belt industry. With a uniformly shiny surface, our Conveyor Wires are ideal for use in a broad variety of applications. Besides a great surface, our conveyor wires has high resistance to corrosion and are suitable for various applications in chemicals, petrochemicals, synthetic, food & restaurant, fiber, paper and pulp industries etc Size Range – 0.80mm to 8.0mm (0.045 – 0.120 inches)

General Purpose Wire

Aamor manufactures highest-quality Stainless Steel Wires for a very large variety of applications. Our wires offer an excellent workability for forming, bending or shaping into a very large variety of stainless steel products like Wall ties / Construction ties, Ribs, Balls, Lashings, Fishing hooks, Roofing hooks, Wire ropes, Scrubbers, Industrial Brushes, Braided hose, Spokes, Cut shots, Knitting, Wedging, Filters, Nails, Wire mesh, Fencing, Beer bottle locks, Pins, Staples and many many more. Aamor wires are processed under strict quality control with close adherence to the Cast, Helix, Wrap, Twist as well as Bend test of the wire. Size Range – 0.80mm to 16.0mm (0.030 – 0.630 inches)
wire rod

Wire Rod

In addition to a very wide range of stainless-steel welding consumables and wires, Aamor also supply Wire-rods in various heat treatments and surface treatments. Size Range: 5.5 mm to 20 mm Tolerance: +/- 0.20 mm Ovality: 0.20 mm Maximum Surface Defect: 1% of Diameter Maximum Supply Condition: Hot Rolled, Annealed & pickled (with or without coating) Grades – 302, 303, 304, 304cu, 304L, 316, 316L etc