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About Us

Aamor [aa-mor]

Noun: God of love; counterpart of Greek Eros

synonyms: Cupid

Inox [in-ox]

noun: stainless steel

Aamor Inox = Love for stainless steel

For over 30 years, our team have been producing the finest stainless steel bars. Our love for stainless steel is embedded in our name and in our business.


Our story

Our story begins in 2001 when our Founder and CEO Anand Gupta learned steelmaking on the shop floor before setting up the successful export arm of the family business.

In 2015, when Anand’s dad retired and cousins moved in a different direction, Anand’s intuition led him to leave the flourishing family business for a fresh beginning on his own.

After a turbulent family business separation from his cousins, and with an unwavering determination, Anand started his most incredible journey called Aamor Inox.

Anand re-built his new company from scratch & named it after his son Aamor. “Aamor Inox” means “love for stainless steel”.

We’re currently serving over 500 customers in over 60 countries worldwide and rank amongst the top 5 Stainless-steel Bars & Wires exporters in India.

Although it has never been the numbers that drove Anand, who believes firmly that he is in the people business, not the stainless steel industry.

He has always had a radically different perspective about his business and believes in forming strong relationships, based on trust and respect, with all stakeholders. As a result, business naturally follows.

Continuing on this journey of entrepreneurship, Anand is not only keen in learning more, but also sharing what he’s learnt so far; so that others can also progress in their lives.

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We have built a great team in India and around the world. They will not only maintain our history and tradition, but also take the business into the next era where quality and service will remain the top priority for years to come.

Anand Gupta
Founder & CEO

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We’re India’s fourth largest exporter of stainless steel bars and wires. 

ET Global Indian Leaders Award Winner

Mr. Anand Gupta was recently announced as one of the winners of the ET Global Indian Leaders Award. This award, presented in New Delhi by The Times of India, celebrates outstanding entrepreneurs worldwide. Hailed as role models, inspirations, and game changers, these leaders are recognised for introducing revolutionary changes in their industries.

Our Team

Our Team

Our strength is in our people. Get to know a few of the Aamor Inox team.

sunil garg

As our Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Sunil handles all company finances, accounts, tax, legal and secretarial matters.

Sunil has been with us since 2021 and loves the new challenges that this role has brought him whilst working alongside our CEO Anand Gupta. Workplace culture is of huge importance to Sunil. Working hard to provide solutions and team building opportunities, Sunil helps create a flexible working environment and positive company culture.

” I really enjoy the flexibility of my role. My job is varied and challenging, and I feel supported and valued by my team.”

Sunil Garg
Chief Financial Officer

Our Team

Our strength is in our people. Get to know a few of the Aamor Inox team.

prashant tyagi

Prashant has been the Quality Manager at Aamor Inox since 2007, ensuring that our customers receive the right quality stainless steel bars and wires, consistently, in each and every delivery so that they don’t face any issues.

During his time at Aamor Inox, Prashant has played a pivotal role in nurturing harmony and co-ordination between employees and admires how his team are able to make difficult tasks look easy.

“Aamor Inox has helped me to realise my true potential. The company offers excellent opportunities to develop and grow.” 

Prashant Tyagi
Quality Manager
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We’re India’s largest producer of 17-4ph stainless steel bars. 

Aamor Insights Logo

We’re India’s largest producer of 17-4ph stainless steel bars.