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Bright Round Bars


bright bars

Bright Round Bars

Bright Round Bars available in centerless ground & polished finish for machining & engineering application, available in over 150 stainless steel grades.

Size range: 3mm – 170mm (1/8” – 7” dia) ** in lengths upto 11 meters.

pump shaft

Pump Shaft Bars

PSQ shafting bars in tight diametrical tolerances, controlled ovality/lobing & precision straightness ensure minimal vibration throughout the length of the shaft. Available in 6 – 100mm (1/4” – 4” dia) in lengths upto 8.2mtr (27 ft) in grades 416, 410, 17-4ph, 316L, 304L, 304N, 303, F51 etc
piston shaft

Piston Shaft Bars

Round Bars with the highest degree of straightness and tight diametrical tolerances for Pistons, Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Linear-motion applications. Available in 6 – 100mm in grades 1.4462, 1.4104, 1.4571, 1.4057 (431), 1.4021 (420), 1.4028 (420B), 1.4034 (420C) etc
boat shaft

Boat Shaft Bars (BSQ)

These are precision shafts with higher strength, special straightness and precise diameter tolerance to reduce the propeller vibrations for Marine Industry. Available in upto 3” dia in lengths upto 27 ft, in grades 304N, 316L, 17-4ph, XM19, 2205 / F51.
special tolerance

Special Tolerence Bars

Our finest range of ultra-precision bars in size-tolerances up to h6, j6, e6, g6 (+0.000/-0.0005”) with Surface-finish of up to Ra 0.2 um (12 RMS) and straightness 0.25mm/meter (0.0010″ per foot T.I.R). Available in 6 – 100mm in all grades in series 300, 400, 17-4 and Duplex.
high strength

High Strength Bars

Round Bars in Cond. B, or with Yield min. 75, 90, 105 KSI or with Rp 0.2 min 390 N/mm2 or with Tensile min. Rm 800 N/mm2 in grades 303, 304L, 304N, 316L, Duplex F51 / 1.4462, 410 etc. Size range: 10mm – 75mm (3/8” – 3” dia)