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Various sizes, sections, qualities, and usages of Stainless Steel Round Bars


Stainless steel round bars are corrosion-resistant and rust-free, which makes them suitable for use in huge factories dealing with chemicals. Besides being resistant to heat and fire, stainless steel does not corrode, as it does not react to chemicals.

Made of a durable alloy with high life expectancy, stainless steel round bars are also stain-free, which lends them an attractive appearance. Additionally, they are heavy and can withstand extreme conditions. These round bars have wide industrial applications, including those that involve chemical processing and/or high-saline environments.

Stainless steel round bars are used in a variety of machinery, mechanisms, valves, fittings, vessels, flanges, threading bars, subways, chemical and fuel tankers, signboards, escalators, elevators, lifts, and petrochemicals.

Stainless steel round bars are also highly useful in the manufacturing of medical surgical instruments, thanks to their non-reactive properties. Durable, easy to clean, perfectly welded and finished, stainless steel bright round bars have some typical applications which include the following:

  1.     Food Preparation Equipment.
  2.     Laboratory Benches and Equipment.
  3.     Boat Fittings.
  4.     Chemical containers, including for transport.
  5.     Heat exchangers.
  6.     Threaded fasteners.

Additionally, stainless steel round bars are used in hydraulics where they get a more cogent internal structure. Their ability to withstand warping and wearing is also considerably high, when used for this purpose.

These mirror-finished round bars are completely machine-made, without involving any human intervention. Therefore, they are not only visually pleasing but also offer absolute precision, ductility, and durability. 

Polished Stainless Steel Round Bar Grades

SS 304 Round BarUpto 5 inches
SS 304L Round Bar3-4 inch,2-3 inch
SS 316 Round Bar36 meter,6 meter
SS 316L Round Bar0-1 inch,3-4 inch
SS 303 Round Bar3-4 inch

Sizes of Stainless Steel Round Bars

TypeSIZES (mm)
Cold Drawn and Polish3.00 – 75.00
Cold Drawn and Ground10.00 – 75.00
Peeled and Polished40.00 – 150.00
Peeled and Ground20.00 – 50.00

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