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Stainless steel angles are the simplest but one of the most easily identifiable profiles of stainless steel. It comes with several benefits for a variety of uses. Stainless steel angles are one of the most common structural shapes in building and construction. In its simplest form, you can expect a stainless steel angle with the shape of an L and flat surfaces that extend both horizontally and vertically. These surfaces meet at a 90 degrees angle. Available in both equal and unequal leg dimensions, these stainless steel angles are manipulated by engineers. They basically play around with the strength distribution of each leg, depending on the design required.

Since stainless steel angles are light and compact, they are very easy to work with, irrespective of the application. They are also very versatile, as they come in different sizes and alloys. Using stainless steel angles in your design will minimize replacement costs and enhance the life-cycle of the structure concerned. The most common production methods of stainless steel angles include –

  1. Laser fusion
  2. Hot rolling
  3. Cold drawn

Stainless steel angles uses

Stainless steel angle finds wide usage in construction, bridges, equipment, framing, shelving, furniture, and so on. They are highly advantageous in corrosion-prone environments such as chemical plants, food and beverage processing plants, marine applications, etc. Since they are made of stainless steel, they are extremely durable and will not get rusted even after years of use. While wooden construction comes with a limited lifespan, stainless steel angles need no replacement for a long period of time. Equipped with weather protecting feature, stainless steel angles when used to make roofs, can shed winter snow easily and also keep the home cool during the hot and sultry summers. These stainless steel angles are also highly resistant to fire, insects, rot, and mildew.

Whether you own a construction firm or are simply a homeowner, you can reap the benefits of a well-constructed property by using stainless steel angles. With distinct shapes, these are not only reliable but promise high value-for-money. Wood or lumber often fails to provide that specific structure with sufficient support that you need, which on the other hand, is guaranteed by stainless steel angles. They come in various sizes and lengths to fit your needs. 

Aamor Inox is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of stainless steel angles with the length being around 6 metres (20 feet). We offer size ranges of 20x20x3mm up to 80x080x8mm. we will cater to your customized requirements and ensure absolute satisfaction with our product quality and specifications.

usages of stainless steel angles