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Stainless Steel Pump Shaft Quality Bars are manufactured with absolute precision to ensure that they are able to withstand extreme and exhaustive environments. Also known as Stainless Steel PSQ Bars, these bars are processed from ultra-modern combined lines and highly advanced equipment.

Aamor Inox, a high-end stainless steel round bar manufacturer in India, produces Stainless Steel Pump Shaft Quality Bars as a premium product line. These bars are tested via Ultrasonic Inspection & Eddie Current Testing to ensure these top-quality bars are devoid of any sort of internal defects. The finishing work is done using the specially-designed finishing machines that ensure the surface roughness and the size tolerances (including the out of roundness) are achieved.

Aamor Inox offers PSQ Bars in the size range of 6mm – 100 mm (1/4 – 4 inches) within lengths of up to 8 meters (upto 26 feet). The size tolerances of these PSQ Bars are available in j6, e6, h6, f6, f7, h7, f8, h8, h9, ½ of A484 etc in heat treatments such as Annealed, Solution Annealed, Quenched & Tempered (QT), Hardened & Tempered (HT), Quenched & Double Tempered (QDT). The heat treatment under rigorously high temperatures help in having a higher degree of uniformity in its molecular structure that further helps the metal to maintain its structure under extreme or evolving external conditions.

Aamor Inox also provides PSQ bars with the straightness of 0.25 mm per meter max (0.0015” per feet). This is extremely helpful to minimise the vibrations that the shafts experience during high-speed rotations. The high degree of straightness that Aamor Inox implements during manufacturing is ideal for the bars.

The PSQ bars by Aamor Inox go through an optimal crack test via Eddy Current Testing through Circograph (from Dr Foerster, Germany) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI). This ensures that the bars require minimum maintenance and is effective in the long run.

Aamor Inox is rightly considered as India’s most advanced producer of ‘Specialty Stainless Steel’ long-products and manufactures semi-finished and cold-finished long products in specialty stainless steels. The brand is known for its end-to-end manufacturing and efficiently fulfils the unique requirements and specifications of all its clients. To learn more, contact Aamor Inox today!

Pump Shaft Quality PSQ Bars