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Our Advantage

''A good company is judged by its performance. But a great company is judged by its integrity''

In today's highly volatile as well as erratic economic environment, supplier selection can be one of the most significant decisions that your company can make. Supplier's performance directly impacts your success (and ultimately your customer's success).

AamorInox is a lean organization geared strictly to meet customer-demanding requirements. AamorInox has embraced latest technology to produce the best quality stainless steel bars in the industry. Our peeling line (fully automatic and runs on the latest version of PLC from Siemens) helps us drive down our operating costs and to increase our responsiveness to the needs of our customers. Our latest SAP ERP system, combined with a variety of other Electronic Commerce services, allows us to tailor our systems to meet the specific individual needs of our customers. At times when our customers need urgent deliveries, our team responds fast and dispatch within 30 days, ex our mill.

No other competitor possesses the breadth and depth of expertise of manufacturing stainless steel bars that we have available with our team. Technology, material availability and timely delivery are meaningless without a comprehensive commitment to customer service. Financial muscle, proven track record, enormous experience, global reach, efficient operations and a constant drive to continuous improvement separate us from our competitors.

Customer Service

  • A Highly Customer Focused Team We prioritize the customer's needs over everything else; to an extent that we even provide Just in Time (JIT) deliveries to our customers. We also produce standard, unique and hard to find sizes to fit our customer's requirements.
  • Flexibility With a modest heat size of 20 tons, AamorInox is able to offer a wide variety of grades with modified/varied chemical composition to meet customer's demanding specifications.
  • Strong communication All shipping documents (including MTR, Test Certificates) for each order are sent to our customers on the same day the container is loaded at our factory. We update our customers on real time basis. The speed of our communication is just un-matchable.
  • On-time delivery performance Our on-time order delivery performance is one of the highest in the industry. Being a fully integrated mill, AamorInox has an increased control over the entire supply chain.


AamorInox is proud to be acknowledged as the most quality conscious mill from India by many high-demanding end-users, processors and distributors worldwide.

  • Very High Machinability Our bars offer an unmatched machinability. We fully understand the extent of machinability that most of the Round/Squares & Hexagon bars undergo and therefore we ensure that the machinability of our bars is not only higher than industry standard, but also very consistent every time.
  • Internal Soundness of Bars All our bars are 100% Ultrasonic Tested for internal defects. This helps our customers fully rely upon our materials.
  • Strong focus on Packaging Since very beginning, we have taken the packing of our materials very seriously. After wrapping the bars in strongest packing materials, each bundle is shipped out with 2 lifting seals, with our compliments. Our strong packaging ensures that our bright, shiny and highly precise stainless steel bars reach our customers (thousands of miles away) in just perfect condition.

Product Range

  • One stop shop for all long products Whether it's a special grade, size or shape, AamorInox is the one-stop-shop for all Stainless Steel Long products; thereby providing our customers the luxury of shopping practically all types of Stainless Long products under one roof.
  • Control over supply Chain We even manage the entire supply chain process; right from our factory up to our customer's doors. Our duties include delivering the material to our customer's warehouse, no matter which part of the world it is in.

Our Culture

  • AamorInox Culture We provide a specially designed Meditation program to help our employees center their energy, and deliver the kind of output that only a calm mind can bring into being.Thoroughly volunteered by the team members of AamorInox family, it is held every day from 6 to 7 pm.
  • TQM & Employee engagement AamorInox is the first stainless steel long products mill in India to fully implement Total Quality Management (TQM): employees undertake practices such as Kaizan, 5S & 3M and activities like Not Right First Time, Worst Point Pictures (WPP), One Point Lesson and Red Tag and help build a culture that ensures complete customer satisfaction.