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Quality Policy

Our Commitment

To win our customer's confidence and loyalty. We continually try our very best to understand our customer's needs, and strive to develop & deliver superior products to ensure that AamorInox remains their preferred choice.

Our Quality Policy is to reinforce our position; Supplier of Highest Quality Stainless Steel Bars. We empower our Team to accomplish and sustain this through following principles:

Principles of our Quality Policy

  • Putting customers at the heart of our business: We actively engage with our customers and translate their requirements into our products and services; thus creating a great value for our customers and ensuring that their experience with AamorInox remains the best in the industry.
  • Quality is a shared responsibility: Quality is the responsibility of each and every Team-member of AamorInox. We demonstrate visible and consistent leadership to meet this policy and integrate our Quality Management principles into our business processes.
  • Building and maintaining excellent systems to ensure the safety of our Team: We integrate the Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety in all our processes and at all levels of our Organization, and ensure that they are our integral part of our Management Systems. We provide appropriate training and resources for the development of our Team.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System: We regularly strengthen the effectiveness and use of our "Quality Management Systems" to maximize the value for our customers, stakeholders, and our team. We maintain our Quality Management System to conform to the requirements of ISO-9001. We fully comply with the legal and statutory requirements including commercial, environmental and safety regulations.

We actively promote our Quality Policy and ensure consistency and visibility of quality standards, processes and performance indicators across all levels at AamorInox.