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Manufacturing Facilities

AamorInox is the finest producer of Stainless Steel Bars in India, equipped with the following ultramodern manufacturing facilities-
  • Ultra Advanced German-made Fully-Automatic Heat Treatment Furnaces offering a quench delay of just 30 seconds and a temperature uniformity of + 3 degree. These are undoubtedly the most superior Heat Treatment furnace available worldwide. The furnaces already meet AMS 2750-E as well as NORSOK certification.
  • High Precision Fully-Automatic Peeling Line with an advanced Laser Gauges for size measurement (Zumbach, Switzerland) and a high-precision cutter-head for achieving very close Out-of-roundness, Ovality and lobing in peeled bars.
  • Fully automatic Double-end Chamferring & Thread rolling machines.

AamorInox is fully equipped to process 75,000 tons of Stainless Steel bars per year which makes it one of the largest privately held bright bar companies in India, while keeping it small enough to meet our customer's individual needs.


  • Capacity: 15 tons per batch (550 mm H x 1800 mm D x 8500 mm length)
  • Temperature Uniformity: +/- 3 degrees C
  • Quench Delay: 30 seconds
  • Operating Temperature: 480 degree C upto 1130 degree C
  • Production Capacity: 2,000 tons per month
  • Conforming to: AMS 2750E and NORSOK specifications
  • Quenching Media: Equipped with two separate Oil & Water Quenching tanks (250,000 liters each) with Heat Exchanger and a very very strong Agitation system
  • Capability: Oil Hardening & Tempering, Annealing, Sol. Annealing. Hardening & Double Tempering etc for all steel types, for following industries: Oil & Gas | Windmills | Automotive | Aerospace | Defense & Nuclear Industry


Aamor Inox is equipped to process upto 70,000 tons of Rounds, Squares, Hexagons, Angles & Flat bars every year which also makes it one of the largest producers of cold finished bars in India. It's cold-finishing facilities include:

  • Bar-to-Bar Peeling Line
  • Coil-to-Bar Drawing Line
  • Bar-to-Bar Drawing Lines
  • Angles & Flat Bars Finishing Lines
  • Chamferring Machines (for one/both ends)
  • Centreless Grinding Machines
  • Other Supporting Machines
  • Eddy Current Testing Machines
  • Bars out-of-roundness testing Bar straightening press upto 140mm RCS
  • Fully equipped Quality-Control laboratory for Mechanical, Chemical & Metallurgical testing
  • Hydraulic Presses for pre-straightening of Heat treated bars upto 200mm dia

 Highlights of the Fully-Automatic Peeling Line

  • Size range: 20 upto 150 mm finished size (max 8.5 meter lengths)
  • Size tolerances: from k13, h11, h9 upto h7 & j6
  • Capacity: 4,500 tons per month
  • Fully Integrated: Entire operations in single line incl. an in-line Pre-straightener, Peeling, Reeling, Grinding, Chamferring & Bundling
  • Peeling speed: upto 15 meters per minute along with very advanced high-precision cutter-head for achieving desired Out-of-roundness, Ovality and Lobing in peeled bars
  • Equipped with advanced Laser Gauge for size measurement (Zumbach, Switzerland)