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Cold Finishing

Aamor Inox's cold-finishing facility is regarded as one of the most advanced Bars finishing facility in India. It can process upto 60,000 tons of Rounds, Squares, Hexagons, Angles & Flat bars every year which makes Aamor Inox the largest independent producer of cold finished bars in India.

Aamor Inox offers very high-quality "Improved Machining (IM)" stainless steel bright round bars. The key to improved machinability lies in the special melting process used by Aamor Inox; with a greater control upon non-metallic inclusion in the liquid metal. Aamor Inox's cold-finishing facilities include:

Bar-to-Bar Peeling Line

  • Fully-Automatic & combined Bar Peeling line
  • Fullly Integrated: Entire operations in a single line including an Pre-straightener, Peeling, Reeling, Grinding, Chamferring & Bundling
  • Size range 18mm upto 150mm finished dia in lengths upto 8.5 meters (28 foot)
  • Equipped with a very advanced high-precision cutter heads for achieving desired roundness, ovality and lobing in the peeled bars.
  • Peeling speeds upto 15 meters / minute
  • Equipped with advanced Laser size measurement system - from Zumbach, Switzerland
  • Equipped with an in-line Fully Automatic Double End Chamferring machine - from S.A.S, Italy
  • Supplied by EJP Machinen GmbH, Germany

Coil-to-Bar Drawing Line

  • Fully-Automatic combined Drawing line
  • Supplied by Schumag GmbH, Germany
  • Consists of Decoiler, Cold drawing unit, Reeling and in-line Shearing
  • Drawing speeds upto 5 meters / minute
  • Size range 4 mm upto 12.5 mm dia finished bars

Bar-to-Bar Drawing Lines

  • 4 lines, suitable for cold drawing of Rounds, Hexagons, Squares & Flat Bars
  • Drawing speeds upto 3 meters / minute
  • Size range 12 mm upto 75 mm finished size

Angles & Flat Bars Finishing Lines

  • Descaling by shot blasting
  • Inline Straightening facilities
  • Pickling Baths & Water treatment setup
  • Surface grinding thru Belt Polishers

Centreless Grinding Machines

  • 12 machines
  • Supplied by Cincinnati, USA & Schumag, Germany.
  • Suitable for Round Bars for close dimensional control of upto 50 microns
  • Uniform dimensions along the length
  • Controlled lobbing.

Crack Testing Machines

  • Fully-automatic Eddy-current testing (Circograph) by Dr Foerster, Germany - for detection of surface & subsurface flaws with 0.15 mm min detectability.
  • Ultrasonic Testing machines (for internal Quality Inspection) - for testing of Internal Soundness
  • MPI machines (for surface Quality Inspection) for detection of surface & subsurface flaws
  • XRF Handheld Spectrometers for grade identity / grade confirmation check.
  • Radiation Servo Meters for checking of radiation levels

Other Supporting Machines

  • Bar Straightness Testing
  • Surface Roughness Testing
  • Bars out-of-roundness testing Bar straightening press upto 140mm RCS
  • Band saw machines
  • Fully equipped Quality-Control laboratory for Mechanical, Chemical & Metallurgical testing
  • Cold Finishing Division

  • Double-end Chamfering Machine

  • Circular Saw Cutting Machine

  • Two Rolls Straightener

  • Laser Zumbach Machine

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